Bosch GTS1031 10-Inch Table Saw Review

Are you in need of a powerful yet compact table saw that can easily be transported from job site to job site? Look no further, because the Bosch GTS1031 10-Inch Table Saw may be just the tool you have been searching for. This lightweight yet durable saw has a ton of features and benefits that make it a must-have for any professional contractor or DIY enthusiast.

Let’s dive into the details and see why the Bosch GTS1031 Table Saw is such a great investment.

Design and Portability

The first thing you will notice about the Bosch GTS1031 Table Saw is its sleek and compact design. This saw is perfect for those who need to transport their equipment from one job site to another as it weighs only 52 pounds. It comes with a convenient carrying handle that makes it easy to move around. Don’t let its size fool you, this saw can handle even the toughest jobs with ease.

Safety Features

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing any power tool is safety. The Bosch GTS1031 Table Saw has several safety features that make it a great investment. The anti-kickback pawls prevent the wood from being kicked back towards the user while sawing. The riving knife helps prevent the wood from pinching the blade, which can cause dangerous kickback. Lastly, the blade guard keeps your fingers and hands safe from the spinning blade.

Power and Performance

The Bosch GTS1031 Table Saw is designed to handle tough jobs with ease. It has a powerful 15-amp motor that can cut through most types of wood with ease. The saw has a 10-inch blade, which is perfect for most projects. This saw has a cutting capacity of 3 1/8 inches, which is perfect for cutting thicker pieces of wood.

Ease of Use

This table saw is extremely user-friendly, even for those who are inexperienced with power tools. The blade is easy to change, and adjustments can be made easily with the onboard storage. The saw also comes with a rip fence and miter gauge, which make it easy to make accurate cuts. The saw has a large on/off switch that is easy to see and use.

Additional Features

The Bosch GTS1031 Table Saw comes with a few additional features that make it a great investment. It has onboard storage for the rip fence, miter gauge, and blade guard. The saw also has a dust port that attaches to a vacuum, which helps keep your workspace clean. Finally, the saw has a soft start, which helps extend its life and prevent damage.


The Bosch GTS1031 10-Inch Table Saw is a great investment for any professional contractor or DIY enthusiast. It is lightweight, compact, and easy to transport. The safety features make it a great investment, and the powerful motor and performance make it perfect for any job. The ease of use and additional features make it a great investment for anyone in need of a reliable and efficient table saw.

So, if you are in need of a quality table saw, look no further than the Bosch GTS1031 Table Saw.

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