How to Convert a 220 Air Compressor to 110?

Air compressors are versatile and essential machines for many DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. They can power a range of air tools from spray guns to drills, making it one of the most useful tools to have in any workshop or garage. However, what happens when you have a 220 air compressor but only have access to a 110v power supply? The solution is to convert it to a 110v air compressor.

In this post, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to convert your 220 air compressor to 110.

1. Check the Voltage Requirements

Before you start with the conversion process, make sure it’s safe to convert your air compressor from 220 to 110. Check the voltage requirements stated on your compressor’s nameplate and ensure it is compatible with a 110v power supply. It’s essential to understand that attempting to convert an incompatible air compressor can put you at risk of electrical hazards.

2. Switch the Power Supply Cord

Now that you’ve confirmed your air compressor can be converted to 110v, the next step is to switch the power supply cord. First, unplug the air compressor and remove the power supply cord. Next, remove the cord’s cover and cut the wires to the cord’s terminal lugs. Strip the wires’ ends and remove the plug from the cord. Mount a new 110v plug using a screwdriver and wire cutter and connect it to the compressor. Finally, reattach the cover and test for power.

3. Rewire the Motor

The air compressor’s motor needs to be rewired from 220v to 110v. You’ll need to reverse the connections from the motor’s starter capacitor and the motor terminals. Start by removing the cover from the motor starter and take a picture or make a note of the wiring connections. Detach the wires from the capacitor and motor terminals and swap them around to connect the white wire to the neutral terminal, a hot wire to L1, and the other hot wire to L2. Tighten the wire connections and reattach the motor cover.

4. Change the Pressure Switch

The pressure switch on a 220 air compressor is designed to handle higher voltage. However, since your compressor is now converted to 110v, the over-volt protection of the switch will trip and cut off the power. Change the switch to a low voltage one to ensure that the switch will allow the compressor to run without tripping.

5. Test Your Work

Now that you’ve completed the conversion, it’s time to test your new 110v air compressor. Plug in the compressor and turn it on to ensure that it’s running correctly. Listen for any unusual sounds that could indicate internal damage to the motor, and look for any other signs of malfunction. If everything seems to be working well, you’ve successfully converted your air compressor to 110v.


Converting your 220 air compressor to 110v is a simple and effective way to ensure you’re making the most of your air compressor. With our five-step guide, you’ll be able to change the voltage and power supply cord, rewire the motor, switch the pressure switch, and test your work. Doing this will give you access to more power, and you’ll be able to use your air compressor without any electrical hazards.

Remember to take the necessary precautions when working with electrical equipment, and if you’re unsure, always call a professional.

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